RDCS (Real-time Distributed Computing Systems), former Ruprecht & Partner OEG, was founded in 1999 with the focus on delivering professional solutions for customers with real-time requirements. The company is currently engaged in the following fields of competence:

  • Control, safety, signalling and information technology for the railway industry
  • Consulting, design and implementation for safety critical applications with respect to the common standards EN50126, EN50128, EN50129 and IEC61508
  • Consulting, design and implementation of embedded system solutions
  • High availability computing systems and cluster technologies
  • Database systems and applications based on the relational database software Oracleâ„¢
  • Network, eCommerce and eBusiness solutions for small and medium-sized businesses

In 2000 RDCS signed an exclusive agreement with the established and reputable german manufacturer of time reference systems hopf Elektronik GmbH for sales and distribution of their products to the national territories of Austria, Slovenia and Croatia. One year later hopf Elektronik GmbH extended the successful cooperation by outsourcing the software development for configuration and management software, device driver software and embedded system firmware for the entire product portfolio to RDCS.

In order to be able to supply professional turn-key solutions for their information technology customers RDCS obtained partner certification of Sun Microsystems in 2001. Beginning with 2003 RDCS signed a partnership agreement with the world leading database software vendor Oracle.

In october 2009 RDCS strengthened their market position in the fast-growing embedded computing sector by signing an exclusive agreement with german company SYSGO AG for sales and distribution of their highly innovative products to the national territory of Austria. SYSGO AG is market leader for virtualized solutions for embedded systems in safety critical environments.

At the beginning of 2010 Sun Microsystems has been acquired by Oracle. Oracle now is able to deliver complete software and hardware solutions with the necessary service level agreements to their customers. RDCS takes advantage of the acquisition and continues to expand their already profound and certified knowledge with regard to the specializations for database systems and server / storage systems. Since 2010 RDCS achieved the level of Oracle Gold Partner.

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Train control systems, passenger information, mobile automatik warning system for thack worksites…



Time reference systems, industrial clocks…

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Embedded Systems perform their tasks almost unnoticed by most users in a widespread range of applications such as…